Earth Day 2024

As we commemorate Earth Day this 2024, I am reminded of the pressing urgency to act, not just speak, about sustainability. At Verdi, we stand committed to aiding our customers and brand partners in adopting circular economic models, ensuring that we make the most out of our resources while minimizing waste. Verdi was born from […]

Refurbished Goods | Unlocking New Markets, Not Cannibalizing Sales


It’s Time for Brands to Rethink How They Value Refurbished Goods September marked 1 full year at Verdi Commerce, and after 20+ years in technology distribution, my first at a reseller. I’ve learned a ton, developed incredible relationships up and down the supply chain, and am more eager than ever to continue Verdi’s mission. At […]

Earth Day 2023

As we celebrate Earth Day at Verdi Commerce we want to renew our commitment to promoting sustainability and raising awareness about the importance of reducing waste in the retail industry. There is a lot of work to do in moving the retail industry onto a more sustainable trajectory, and we are committed to helping our […]

CES 2023

CES 2023 Another Consumer Technology Show (CES) in the books! This year’s show was significant on several levels. Personally, it marked my 10th time attending. Now, that isn’t all that impressive, I have teammates with twice as many badges and there have been 56 shows since it debuted in June of 1967. I would certainly […]